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Akan Yukara Utasa Festival 2021 Akan Yukara Utasa Festival 2021

Utasa Festival to be Streamed Live!
Enjoy the Winter Magic of deepest Hokkaido from your Armchair!

The big decision has been made to hold
the Utasa Festival online
(without an in-person audience) and stream it live on the Japanese music TV channel
Space Shower TV
<DAX -Space Shower Digital Archives X> from
17:00 on February 14, 2021 (Sunday)
URL for the online live music session stream :

The Ainu culture online experiences will be streamed
from the Utasa Festival’s official Instagram account

URL for the Ainu culture online experience stream :

The Akan Yukar Utasa Festival February 2020 put the spotlight on
the Ainu of Lake Akan in Hokkaido. Taking place on frozen Lake Akan and in -15°C conditions,
non-Ainu Japanese performers collaborated with the Akan Ainu to create wintery magic.
I knew so little about the wonders and charms of the Ainu,
Japan’s indigenous people,
even though we live
in the same country…
This is surely the sentiment shared by people who visited
the last festival.
The wonderous celebrations will once again take place
over two days this winter.
Come join us again for myriad new discoveries and to magically connect with the Ainu.
Let's make the best of this unique time that we are all in.

* “Utasa” in the Ainu language means “connect”.

Utasa Online Live Music Session
Online Live Music Sessions Performed by Ainu and Guest Artists in Collaboration

February 14, 2021
free-of-charge online live stream

Performance starts: 17:00 | Performance ends: 20:00

URL for stream:

Concurrent talk sessions!

In between the live music sessions,
two talk sessions will be held.
1. Midori Toko (advisor for The Foundation for Ainu Culture) × GOMA (didgeridoo player and painter)
2. Masao Nishida (elder of Lake Akan Ainu Kotan) × Toshimitsu Araida (Board Chairman of The Maeda Ippoen Foundation)

The live music sessions of the second Akan Yukar Utasa Festival will be performed
without an in-person audience and
will be streamed online
from the DAX -Space Shower Digital Archives X- YouTube account.
Together with the Akan Ainu and our guests,
we are putting our all into making sure
this festival will be one to remember.
Although the live music will be enjoyed
from afar via video,
the festival will still have a spirit of utasa
(connecting with each other).
We are delighted to present the magic of
the Utasa Festival
from Lake Akan Ainu Theater <Ikor> to people throughout Japan and around the world.

Tonkori Necklace Gift!

A tonkori necklace that has been specially created for
the Utasa Festival will be gifted to
50 people selected at random
from those who watch
the online live music session and follow
the Utasa Festival’s official Instagram.
Details about
the gift will be posted on
that official Instagram account.

Utasa Festival’s official Instagram account:
Note: The winners will be sent their gift
but will not be notified via Instagram.

Ainu Performers

Guest Performer

Experience Ainu Culture Online

Utasa Festival’s official Instagram account:

The festival’s Ainu culture experiences will be held online, mainly on the Utasa Festival’s official Instagram account.
To participate, please follow this account beforehand.

Online Viewing of Kamuynomi (Ainu Ritual)

February 13, 2021 (Sat): from 13:00 (30 mins)
February 14, 2021 (Sun): from 15:30 (30 mins)
Note: The start times might change, without prior notice.

A viewing with commentary of kamuynomi
(an Ainu Ritual in which the Ainu express
their respect to the kamuy (gods) and wish for
a peaceful life) will be streamed from the
Utasa Festival’s official Instagram account on
February 13th (Saturday). This is one of
the options on offer from Anytime, Ainutime!,
a website on which Lake Akan Ainu act as
guides for Ainu culture. Also, on the day after
(February 14th (Sunday)), the kamuynomi
for the Utasa Festival will be streamed.

Online Viewing of Ainu Traditional Craft Wood-Carving Performance

February 13, 2021 (Sat): from 15:30 (60 mins)

Note: The start time might change, without prior notice.

An online viewing of a wood-carving
performance given by a craftsperson who
the Lake Akan Ainu are proud of will
be streamed from the Utasa Festival’s
official Instagram account. This is also one
of the options on offer from the website
Anytime, Ainutime!

Online Museum of Works of Ainu Traditional Craft

February 13, 2021 (Sat): from 14:00 (60 mins)

Note: The start time might change, without prior notice.

This is an exhibition of works of art and craft
that have been selected with care from
a project that curates the creative activities
of living Ainu craftspeople. The works of
art and craft will be viewable online and
accompanied by explanations
by the Ainu who made them.

Utasa Festival Special Invitation

During the Utasa Festival, the Iomante Fire Festival, Ainu Ancient Ceremonial Dance,
and the Akan Yukar “Lost Kamuy”
(all performed at
Lake Akan Ainu Theater <Ikor>)
will be streamed live on the Utasa Festival’s official Instagram account.
These three productions have been revamped to further enhance the magic of the Akan Ainu.
Don’t miss out on this unique
opportunity to view this online.

Iomante Fire Festival

February 13, 2021 (Saturday)

Starts: 21:00 | Ends: 21:30

Iomante Fire Festival

Ainu Ancient
Ceremonial Dance

February 14, 2021 (Sunday)

Starts: 12:00 | Ends: 12:30

Ainu Ancient<br>Ceremonial Dance

Akan Yukar “Lost Kamuy”

February 14, 2021 (Sunday)

Starts: 13:00 | Ends: 13:40

Akan Yukar “Lost Kamuy”

The Ainu cultural promotion
“For a limited-time only
-Ainu traditional cuisine-”

Experience the Ainu “food” culture.
The following locations will serve
the Ainu dishes from
February 12th until February 28th:
Lake Akan hot spring resort
“New Akan Hotel”
Restaurant “Dining Kitchen TOKIMEKI”

“Shito” - Dumpling dish using potatos grown in Hokkaidoニュー阿寒ホテル
“Yuk rataskep” Stewed deer tendonダイニングキッチン 心花

Winter Event Information for Lake Akan

Praying to Kamuy
on Frozen Lake Akan,
“Kamuy Kooripaku”

Since ancient times, the Ainu people have believed that there are good kamuy
and wen-kamuy (bad gods) that cause harm to people,
such as the coronavirus.
The way of life of Ainu people,
who are humble before kamuy,
cherish coexisting with nature,
and have protected the wilderness of Akan,
can be a guide to help us through this with-coronavirus era that we find ourselves in.
This is an event in which, through kamuynomi,
respect to and support for
health care providers will be expressed.

Iceland Akan

Iceland Akan is a recreational park
that is open only in winter.
At Iceland Akan can enjoy, to your heart’s content
winter-time activities that are unique to
frozen Lake Akan.
A number of thrilling attractions are
available on the lake,
including snow-mobiles, a banana boat,
and Japanese smelt fishing.

Measures Taken to Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

Measures taken
by staff

  • ・social distancing
  • ・disinfecting of hands
  • ・disinfecting of all venues
  • ・ventilation
  • ・wearing of masks
  • ・monitoring of staff’s health


Lake Akan Ainu Kotan (village)

4-7-19, Akanko Onsen, Akan-cho,
Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan

NPO Akan Tourist Association
Town Planning Organization